Those who can do it are teachers: Green Machinery focuses on * * energy saving and breaks new ground-an exclusive interview with Ding Zuoliang, chairman of Xinxiang Green Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Those who can do it are teachers: Green Machinery focuses on high efficiency and energy saving to break new ground.

Those who can do it are teachers: Green Machinery focuses on high efficiency and energy saving to break new ground.

-- Interview with Ding Zuoliang, Chairman of Xinxiang Green Machinery Co., Ltd.

China Road Machinery Network Original Report]]As an individual private enterprise producing smoke and dust purification devices and low-voltage power supply controllers, it has developed into an enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production, installation, commissioning, service and sales of environmental protection dust removal equipment and material screening machinery products. Xinxiang Green Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Green Machinery) only spent less than five years, during which, in addition to the enterprise insisting on market-oriented, in addition to taking science and technology as the driving force and adhering to the development strategy of "production, learning, research and application", it also has a great relationship with the help of a large domestic private enterprise. "They taught us how to be an enterprise and guided us to successfully transform. Without their help, there would be no Green Machinery now," said Ding Zuoliang, chairman of Green Machinery, with deep feeling.



Ding Zuoliang, Chairman of Xinxiang Green Machinery Co., Ltd.

From extensive to intensive, Green Machinery is first involved in the asphalt concrete industry.

At first, Green Machinery had no connection with vibrating screen. It was mainly engaged in the production and sales of smoke and dust purification devices and low-voltage power supply controllers. The company was established in September 2007, when the development of individual and private economy was very hot.

Ding Zuoliang introduced that Green Machinery, like most individual companies, did not have a clear goal at first. The products it made were more miscellaneous, and it contacted more industries, including hardware, coal, and mining products. "As long as there are jobs and orders, you can do whatever you want to make money. In short, everything is based on survival." In this way, it has been developing continuously for four or five years. Seeing that the road of the enterprise is getting narrower and narrower, the operation of the company is becoming more and more difficult. Until 2011, an accidental opportunity completely changed the fate of the company.

In 2011, a large domestic private enterprise went to the Central Plains market to look for suppliers. Green Machinery was selected by them as the designated supplier of asphalt tanks and heavy oil tanks because of its relatively standardized management and good welding technology. Due to the relatively large volume of asphalt tanks and heavy oil tanks, transportation is inconvenient and transportation costs are high. In order to save costs, the company has adopted the principle of nearby matching. "In the past, these asphalt tanks were transported from other places, and the journey was long. Not only was the transportation cost high, but also the delivery cycle of users was delayed. Therefore, they adopted the method of finding local suppliers nearby." Ding Zuoliang explained. Green Machinery mainly receives orders from Henan and Hebei. As a result of stable orders, Green Machinery's operating conditions have slowly improved, and at the same time have a deeper understanding of the asphalt concrete industry.



Green Machinery Factory Building in Henan Xinxiang Industrial Park

Ding Zuoliang said that as a relatively large and successful private enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, the enterprise has its unique advantages, and its avant-garde management methods and management experience have had a profound impact on the development of Green Machinery.

He said that the company has a good tradition of conducting inspection training for its suppliers twice a year. "They will teach you hand in hand. They are not afraid that you will not learn slowly or do well. They are afraid that you will not learn." Ding Zuoliang said that the purpose of this is to keep suppliers and manufacturers in step and develop together. As a person in charge of an enterprise who is good at learning, Ding Zuoliang certainly will not miss this opportunity. It is under the influence of this corporate culture that Green Machinery has undergone qualitative changes from the inside to the outside, from a small private enterprise to a joint-stock enterprise with standardized management.

Independent innovation, transformation to the vibrating screen market

Since the second half of 2011, with the adjustment of macroeconomic policies and the fading of the heat of 4 trillion investment policies, the construction machinery industry has ushered in a cold winter, and Green Machinery has inevitably been affected. As a small private enterprise, if it continues to follow the previous development ideas, it is bound to face greater crises and challenges. Ding Zuoliang began to think about the development prospects of the enterprise, and transformation and upgrading were put on the agenda.



Customer visits Green Machinery Factory

While making asphalt tanks and heavy oil tanks for the enterprise, Green Machinery also learned about the market demand for vibrating screens in asphalt mixing stations and had the idea of making vibrating screens. At this time, the construction machinery industry has just changed from a high tide to a low point, but the rapid development of highway network construction, asphalt mixing station with the start of the project around the great demand, and vibrating screen as a supporting product of asphalt mixing station is also in strong demand. At that time, the domestic vibrating screen market developed slowly, and the domestic vibrating screen generally had the characteristics of large noise, large volume, and poor stability, which became more and more unsuitable for the construction needs of users. As the society attaches great importance to environmental protection, there is an urgent need for new environmentally friendly products. This is undoubtedly a good opportunity for Green Machinery, which is undergoing transformation and upgrading. Ding Zuoliang keenly seized this opportunity. At this time, the company took the initiative to send someone to find Ding Zuoliang and asked, "You have made a vibrating screen before, are you interested in making a brand new vibrating screen now?" The ideas completely coincided, and Ding Zuoliang immediately accepted.

Technology is king, perseverance can successfully transform

After returning, Ding Zuoliang immediately found a large number of technical books on vibrating screens and began to study them overnight. For more than ten days, Ding Zuoliang stayed at home, even ate in the study, and devoted himself to the research work of the vibrating screen. By studying the development trend of the vibrating screen market at home and abroad, Ding Zuoliang has strengthened his confidence in developing a new environmentally friendly vibrating screen.

After returning to the company, he immediately organized personnel to carry out research on the vibrating screen market and formally invested in the research and development of the vibrating screen. Through the investigation of domestic and foreign vibrating screen market and enterprises, the R & D team has strengthened the confidence and determination to develop environmentally friendly vibrating screen. After several months of continuous struggle, in 2013, the first energy-saving vibrating screen sample, which condensed the painstaking efforts of all employees of the company, was officially developed. Dante Zuoliang did not relax. He understood that in order to truly gain the recognition of users, he must go through the severe test of the experimental stage. Therefore, this prototype was not put on the market, but immediately sent to the laboratory to receive high-strength fatigue test. After nearly a year of trial and error, finally solved all the problems successfully accepted the user's test. In 2014, the first rigorously tested energy-saving and environmentally friendly multi-layer vibrating screen was officially sent to the company, becoming a new generation of products for the company's asphalt mixing station.



Schematic diagram of energy-saving multi-layer vibrating screen independently developed by Green Machinery.

This is a memorable historic moment. This is a day that Ding Zuoliang will remember forever. It marks that Green Machinery has finally achieved a successful transformation after nearly 8 years of arduous exploration. It also means that Ding Zuoliang has started a new life from now on!

The sun always after the wind and rain

Talking about this period of extremely difficult days, Ding Zuoliang sighed with emotion. He said that making a vibrating screen is different from making a tank. The technology is more difficult and the process is more complicated. To be successful, first of all, we must thank this senior private enterprise in the industry. Whether in the product development or experimental stage, the company has provided a lot of selfless assistance and given meticulous guidance. "This is a valuable experience that cannot be bought with money." Secondly, I want to thank all the staff. At the critical moment of life and death when the enterprise is facing transformation and upgrading, no employee chooses to retreat, but to stay with the company and develop together. Again, thanks to the family. In. In difficult times, the family has always stood firmly with themselves and never hesitated. Ding Zuoliang mentioned many people, but not himself.



Green mechanical vibrating screen matchingAsphalt mixing plantService Yunling Expressway Construction Group

The successful research and development of energy-saving and environment-friendly vibrating screen has also injected new vitality into the vibrating screen industry in Xinxiang City. As a niche product in the construction machinery industry, the vibrating screen industry has its own characteristics: customer concentration is very high, and downstream customers in the vibrating screen industry have very strict choices for customers, but once they pass the test of customers and become qualified suppliers, Will form a relatively stable strategic partnership with customers. "Therefore, the preliminary work is very important and must not be careless." Ding Zuoliang told reporters that in the past two years, great changes have taken place in the asphalt mixing vibrating screen industry. Users have higher and higher requirements for the environmental protection performance of vibrating screens, and the requirements for material screening performance are getting finer and finer. The demand for energy-saving and environmentally friendly vibrating screens is increasing. "This also reflects the progress of the times," Ding Zuoliang concluded.

In the past two years, Green Machinery has successfully developed more than ten new vibrating screens for different functions in different fields, including the first generation of energy-saving and environment-friendly vibrating screens, 1000-5000 multi-layer vibrating screens for energy-saving and environment-friendly, new vibrating screens, vibrating screens for dry powder stations, etc. Each vibrating screen can provide different functions for the needs of different users, and the upgrading speed of its products is also in the forefront of the industry. Because of the outstanding product quality, for two consecutive years to achieve zero failure, in 2015 was rated as the user industry .. supplier, become the enterprise in the vibrating screen industry more trusted strategic partner.

Sunshine is always after the wind and rain, and in the downward period of construction machinery, as a small private enterprise, it can achieve a successful transformation. In addition to being inseparable from the hard work and progress of all employees, it also has a lot to do with Ding Zuoliang's correct decision-making and perseverance. As the saying goes, opportunity always favors those who are prepared. Although Ding Zuoliang always said, "I am lucky, and there are always noble people to help me at the critical moment", let's imagine that if it were not for Ding Zuoliang's wise decision to make a major decision to transform the vibrating screen industry at the critical moment, but only satisfied with making a small fuss and making a small fortune, how could there be a good situation now? With such a boss, does the company not worry about its grand plans? Although Gree Machinery is still in the customer pioneering stage, we have reason to believe that the future of Green Machinery will be better.

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