Pay attention to the fire month and build a strong line of defense!

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Tree prison .. concept

"Always pay attention to .., strictly implement responsibilities, abide by .. laws and regulations, strengthen .. management, strengthen .. training, improve .. skills, .... input, eliminate .. hidden dangers, and make emergency preparations..." Recently, Green Machinery held the theme oath activity of ".. Production Month", which was attended by more than 100 employees of the company.



June this year is the 22nd "production month" with the theme of "everyone speaks... everyone will respond to emergencies". The company closely follows the theme of ".. Production Month", uses the company's monthly meeting to deeply study General Secretary Xi Jinping's important discussion spirit on production .. and .. 15 hard measures on production, carries out .. warning education, .. management professional ability training and a series of .. activities with full participation, cultivates the company's characteristic .. culture, enhances the staff's .. awareness, consolidates .. production foundation, builds .. production defense line, and allows .. production oath to enter the mind and heart, do .. produce sensible people, fully maintain .., healthy development of the good situation.



Production is only in progress, not completed. The enterprise is not only the main body of production and business activities, but also the main body of production responsibility. The concept of the tree is not only the line of defense of the tree, but also the effective containment of accidents. direct means. In the future, Green will continue to focus on emergency management, .. training and other work, continue to improve the company's employees' .. awareness, and strive to create a .. stable factory environment and a good atmosphere for everyone to participate in fire fighting.


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