[Competition] To catch up with and surpass learning, to be the first to strive for excellence-Green held a "production system staff skills contest"

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To catch up with and surpass by learning, to be the first to strive for excellence

In order to continuously promote the basic operation level and professional technical ability of the company's production staff, provide services for Green process, provide better protection for the application of new technologies and the development of new products, and successfully create a good atmosphere of "learning to catch up with and surpass" in the company. Xinxiang Green Machinery Co., Ltd. decided to hold a "production system staff skills contest".



The competition items are the daily links of the production process, such as: docking, welding, painting, assembly, (blanking and machining equipment operation) and other 5 sections. It is required to combine technology and quality assurance to produce corresponding practical operation evaluation topics, and to compete from the five factors of production:..., quality, delivery time, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, and five S management.



The five teams and groups of the production department respectively selected a "skill star" to reward.

Today-July 7, will be .. game by assembly squad. This is a skill duel, but also reflects the Green staff in the friendship .., the second strong opponent of the final pk competition. Who will stand out and become the strong? Who is the fighter in the production skills? Let us wait and see.


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