Superfire! This production skills contest is full of points!

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To promote learning by comparison, to promote talent by learning

July 7-12, in order to show the green machinery production .. the skills of workers style, improve the level of comprehensive skills, to explore effective ways of skilled personnel training and .. improve the training mechanism of skilled personnel. Green Machinery held a production system staff skills contest. The competition is divided into docking, welding, painting, assembly, (blanking and machining equipment operation) a total of 5 projects, production line dozens of employees to participate in the competition.



A period of six days of exciting competition, dozens of production .. The hard work of the staff, making the competition brilliant and meaningful. Five projects, from docking to welding, from painting to assembly, every link of the competition tests the carefulness, patience and determination of the participants. In the competition, the contestants showed their level and elegant demeanor with high morale, full passion, serious attitude and fearless spirit.


Competition items-docking and welding



Competition Item-Assembly



Competition items-blanking and machining



On the afternoon of July 12, the award ceremony was held in the skills contest. Each of the five projects named a skill star.



Through this competition, on the one hand, it can test the practical operation ability of employees, on the other hand, it can bring more fun for employees and strengthen the relationship between enterprises and employees. "To promote learning by comparison, to promote talent by learning", in the process of competition to create a strong atmosphere of learning technology and respect for talents, to further stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to learn technology and become talents, to effectively improve the practical operation ability, and to effectively promote the team building of enterprises, and to lay a solid foundation for the good quality of products.

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