Green Machinery Capacity Enhancement Combat Exercise

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In response to the company's initiative of "100 days of hard work, production capacity enhancement actual combat exercise", the company organized a mobilization meeting on the morning of May 4. At the mobilization meeting, the general manager of the company told us that to do this well, we must have a sense of honor, responsibility and the spirit of vow. We will quickly convey the spirit of our country's mobilization meeting to every work class and every employee, unify our thinking, invigorate our spirits, boost our morale, and strengthen our confidence. We will show great passion and drive, take the lead, work hard, and quickly set off the most exciting part of the work.



All employees should change their ideas, have the courage to break their wrists, and work closely together! At the same time, we should enhance the overall awareness, continue to carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, and humbly accept the criticism and guidance of customers. All relevant departments of internal production should cooperate closely. To establish the idea of "a game of chess", there is a division of labor, more emphasis on cooperation. Unite as one, unite as one, and work together to do a good job in this activity, to customer satisfaction. Party members and progressive activists of the company should give full play to their vanguard and exemplary role, carry forward the fine style of party members who dare to fight and work hard, go all out to put into production, and be not afraid of difficulties and charge ahead.

After 100 days of work, the reward and punishment measures were strictly implemented during the actual combat exercises for capacity improvement, and the reward and punishment system was implemented. General manager office should strengthen inspection and supervision, control the time node of the implementation of incentive measures, and really dig out the departments, teams and employees with rapid transformation, practical ability and outstanding performance, so as to set a good example for the whole company.

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