The company's top management expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of the Federation of Trade Unions.

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On August 10, Diao Xuguang and his party, accompanied by Zhao Yanling, the trade union of the Economic Development Zone, went to Xinxiang Green Machinery Co., Ltd. to investigate and guide the work.

The senior management of the company extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the Federation of trade unions. Li Xingchun, Secretary of the Party committee, and Yang Na, chairman of the trade union, introduced the company's development process and current operation mode, trade union work and industrial operation, and led the research team to visit the production site.



Subsequently, Diao Xuguang and his party had a discussion with the company's team. Diao Xuguang expressed high praise for the company's insistence on caring for employees, mobilizing the enthusiasm of employees, enhancing the cohesion of the union organization, enhancing the sense of responsibility of the employees as masters, and actively participating in the construction of the "Belt and Road", so that the company has grown from scratch, From small to large to become a listed private enterprise in Chongqing and even with certain influence, I would like to express my gratitude to the company's administration for its long-term support for the work of trade unions at all levels.


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