"Cohesion, Peer Zhiyuan" Green 2023 Commendation Conference!

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"Cohesion, Peer Zhiyuan" Green 2023 Commendation Conference!

The stars and the sea control the light

Looking back to 2023.

Overcoming difficulties, the footprints of courage and perseverance are extremely clear.

The sun and moon change, light and shadow flow

Axis of space-time

Engraved every step of the footprint of the struggle

This year

Greens create extraordinary in the ordinary

Stick to the ordinary in the extraordinary

This year

Green people pursue their dreams and have the courage to struggle.

Successful completion of the established objectives

This year

Greens with unchanging enthusiasm

Writing a bit of brilliant

Triumph and walk, not to the mountains and seas as far away. Taking advantage of the situation, it is not easy to limit the sun and the moon. On the morning of February 23, Green Company held its 2023 annual commendation meeting. With the theme of "Cohesion, Peer Zhiyuan", this conference aims to commend the outstanding employees and teams who have made outstanding contributions to the company in the past year and celebrate the company's brilliant achievements together.


With the sound of passionate music, President Cheng of Green Institute stepped onto the stage and delivered an opening speech for the conference. He reviewed the company's brilliant achievements in the past year and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all employees for their hard work. Mr. Cheng's speech was full of passion and strength, setting a high tone for the entire conference.


Subsequently, the General Assembly officially entered the commendation session. In the warm applause, a group of outstanding employees walked on the podium. Among them are sales elites with outstanding sales performance, skilled R & D backbones, and outstanding employees who silently contribute to logistics positions. Their efforts and efforts are an important support for Green's brilliant performance. Cao Gong, a representative of outstanding employees, expressed his gratitude to the company for its training and trust, and will continue to work hard to contribute to the company's development. On behalf of Shen Gong, the craftsman shared his work experience and experience, and said that he would continue to study technology and make more contributions to the development of the company.

Excellent staff

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Outstanding Party Member of Tomorrow's Star


Green Craftsman

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It is worth mentioning that the conference also established the "Excellent Team Award" to recognize those teams that have outstanding performance in teamwork. The establishment of this award is not only an affirmation of the team spirit, but also an encouragement to all employees to work together and work together. Minister Zhang of customer service department delivered his acceptance speech as a representative of the team. He thanked the team members for their hard work and mutual support, and said that he would continue to lead the team to contribute more to the development of the company.

Finance Department


Customer Service Department

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In addition, the conference also awarded awards for outstanding managers, innovative individual awards and innovative team awards. These winners have made outstanding achievements in company management and innovation, injecting new vitality and motivation into the company's development.

Excellent manager Yang Na


Innovation Individual Award Innovation Team Award Material Group


The setting of the lottery link pushed the atmosphere of the whole venue to a climax. The winners were beaming and there was thunderous applause.

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Finally, General Manager Ding Zuoliang delivered a speech on the prospect of deployment. He summarized the results of the work and lessons learned in 2023, and made a vision and deployment for 2024. Ding's speech was full of confidence and determination and pointed out the direction and goal for all employees.


In the beautiful song, the commendation meeting ended successfully. This conference is not only an affirmation and recognition of the hard work of the employees in the past year, but also an expectation and vision for the future development of the company. I believe that under the guidance of the concept of "cohesion, peer to far", Green Company will usher in a better tomorrow!

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