"Safety in production is not lax, and hidden dangers should be kept in mind." Green launched the first lesson of post-holiday production safety training.

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In the spring season, Green Machinery's production department ushered in a special learning opportunity. In order to strengthen the safety awareness of employees and improve the safety level in the production process, the company specially organizedProductionStaff WatchHenan Province2024The first lesson of starting work in this year is about safety.Live broadcast of the special lecture.

This lecture from Henan ProvinceOffice of Emergency ManagementHost, invited the domestic well-known security experts to teach. Experts gave in-depth explanations from many aspects such as safety production laws and regulations, accident case analysis, and preventive measures, which inspired every employee present.

During the live broadcast, the employees of the production department of Green Machinery listened carefully and interacted actively. They have said that through this study, not only enhance their own safety awareness and skills, but also have a deeper understanding of the company's production safety work. In future work, they will pay more attention to safe production, strictly abide by various safety regulations, and ensure the smooth progress of the production process.

Green Machinery has always attached great importance to safety in production. The company regularly organizes safety training for employees, strengthens the construction and maintenance of safety facilities, and ensures that every link in the production process meets safety standards. This watchHenan Province2024The first lesson of starting work in this year is about safety.The live broadcast of the special lecture is one of the important measures for the company to strengthen production safety.

This time learningGreenThe work of safe production has injected new impetus. I believe that in the days to come, Green Machinery will continue to upholdSafety Firstconcept, and constantly improve the level of production safety, lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises.

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