Ding-dong! Green's April Employee Birthday Meeting Warmth Attacks

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The spring breeze in April gently blows the face, bringing vigor and vitality, and also bringing Green a special warmth. In this beautiful season, the company specially planned a warm and unforgettable birthday party for the employees who celebrated their birthdays in April.

On this special day, everyone gathered together to celebrate this special moment. The scene is warm and romantic, colorful balloons and birthday cake, creating a strong birthday atmosphere. With the cheerful music, the birthday party officially began. Colleagues have sent blessings, so that the birthday girl felt the warmth of the team.

At the birthday party, everyone shared the delicious cake and laughed one after another.in addition,The birthday party also prepared a variety of activities,The well-prepared game pushed the atmosphere to a climax, immersing everyone in a joyous atmosphere.
This birthday party is not only a simple party, but also a reflection of Green's concern and attention to its employees. It allows employees to feel the warmth and care of the company after busy work, and enhances the cohesion and centripetal force of the team.

Green has always paid attention to the development and welfare of employees, through various forms of activities, to create a warm and harmonious working environment for employees. I believe that in the days to come, Green will continue to work with employees to write a more brilliant future chapter.

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