Warmly welcome representatives of outstanding teachers from Henan Institute of Science and Technology to visit Green Company for technical exchange

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5Month15in the morning,Green Company Ushers Two Outstanding Representatives of Henan Institute of Science and Technology-- Dr. Liu and Dr. Qu. Their arrival has not only brought us academic breeze, but also injected new vitality into our company's technical exchanges.

in the docent'sPassion to leaddown,Dr. Liu and Dr. Qu visitedGreenThe cultural exhibition hall. Here, they have an in-depth understanding of Green's development process, corporate culture and core values. Through vivid pictures and detailed text introductions, they felt Green's spirit of continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence.

Immediately, two.TeacherInGreenAccompanied by the technical team, walked into the production workshop. They carefully observed the manufacturing process of the vibrating screen and spoke highly of the product design, process and quality control. During the exchange, Dr. Liu and Dr. Qu also actively shared their professional knowledge and experience, providing valuable guidance to our technicians.

Finally, we visited the company's shaping system. This is a set of advanced technology and efficient production in oneSand production line, be able to ensureThe finished sand produced is of high quality and excellent grain size.. Dr. Liu and Dr. Qu expressed great appreciation for the advancement and efficiency of the shaping system, and highly recognized the achievements of our company in technological innovation and industrial upgrading.

This visit and exchange not only deepened the understanding of the two doctorsGreenOur understanding has also brought us valuable academic and technical support. We believe that under the guidance of Dr. Liu and Dr. Qu,GreenOur technological innovation and product research and development capabilities will be further improved. At the same time, we also look forward to establishing a closer cooperative relationship with Henan Institute of Science and Technology, jointly promoting the in-depth integration of industry, university and research, and contributing more to technological innovation and industrial development.

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