Vibrating feeder

The company's main products are: vibration screening equipment, fine aggregate, sand production line, etc. Through process innovation, information integration, standard guidance and quality first, we closely focus on the four technical directions of "intelligence, environmental protection, high efficiency and green" to create "specialized and special new" products, which has become the goal of many peers in the industry.


Wisdom screening

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Product Details

8 services to support:

1. Customization on demand: according to demand, customize equipment that meets the conditions of working conditions, materials and other conditions to ensure equipment availability

2. Factory test: the equipment can be delivered only after passing the simulated no-load test.

3. Installation and debugging: professional installation and debugging team, on-site installation and debugging, and professional use guidance

4. Maintenance: free maintenance during the warranty period, regular return visits to give maintenance suggestions

5. Spare parts support: long-term provision of equipment accessories

6. On-site inspection: Provide regular on-site inspection services, on-site maintenance of sold equipment, find problems and solve them in time

7, emergency channel: designed for emergency orders to open up emergency channels, rapid response, rapid production, rapid resolution

8, quality assurance: support the warranty period free replacement of spare parts, on-site maintenance, to provide lifelong technical consulting services


6 Service Commitments:

1, always warm: promise to keep smiling, patience and enthusiasm, always gentle to others

2. Fast response: promise to respond in 20 minutes, reply in 2 hours and issue a solution in 24 hours.

3, results-oriented: commitment to always be better to solve the problem-oriented.

4, peace of mind quality: commitment to product compliance with specifications and expectations, reliable quality

5, on-time delivery: commitment equipment is not overdue

6, green environmental protection: commitment to equipment more environmentally friendly


3 major features of service:

1, fault perspective: according to the working conditions, materials, equipment operation, issued a detailed fault description, and provide long-term solutions

2. Equipment optimization: provide upgrade iteration scheme for sold equipment to improve equipment performance

3. Cloud service: Provide a series of cloud services such as monitoring diagnosis, fault prediction, real-time transmission and progress tracking for the equipment installed online monitoring.

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