Chengdu steel sheet pile leasing great god to share the construction experience!

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Friends, do you know the steel sheet pile this product? For the construction process of steel sheet pile in Chengdu, do you have any experience that you can share with us?? I believe many friends are still very interested in this, followed by Chengdu steel sheet pile lease Xiaobian? To see this problem in detail.

Friends, do you know the steel sheet pile? Do you have any experience in the construction process of steel sheet pile in Chengdu? Can you share it with us? I believe many friends are still very interested in this.Chengdu Steel Sheet Pile LeaseA detailed look at this issue.



1. First of all, what we want to say is about the use of steel sheet piles? Crawler excavator? The premise of normal construction in this way is that we must have a good understanding of the situation of our underlying pipelines and our construction. Only when these two conditions are met can our work proceed normally.

? 2. The problem we need to pay attention to before piling is inspection. That is to check which serious deformation of the steel sheet pile, because the deformation of the steel sheet pile is not conducive to our construction. And even if the project after construction is unstable, there will be many failures in the future.?

If you want to carry out the project more smoothly, the editor recommends that you apply some grease on the opening of the steel sheet pile before construction. In doing this step because we pull out the steel sheet pile in the back will be more smooth. Therefore, we can pay attention to the construction in the future.

4. The fourth point is about the process of differential driving of steel sheet piles, the inclination between each pile should not exceed 2%, because if the deflection is too large, it cannot be adjusted better. If you encounter any problems in the construction process, you can consult the editor.

5. Do you know what are the requirements of the close buckle? Under normal circumstances, the close buckle needs * *? The soil is less than 2 meters, and the steel sheet pile will be closed smoothly under such conditions. When we use steel sheet piles at the four corners of the inspection well, we need to pay attention, but if there is no such steel sheet pile, we need to use foreign objects to assist. Everyone must avoid water leakage.

6. We need to pay attention to our operation steps during the construction process, mainly to avoid the inclination and collapse of steel sheet piles?. We should all know that the construction process requires a long-term process, but how we should do this process well requires avoiding some bad situations. The movable nut of the steel sheet pile using the support needs to be tightened, so that the vertical direction of the work process can be.

7, the next to say is also a very important link, in the construction process? need to look at the side of the construction. We need to observe the changes of steel sheet piles and adjust them according to the changes. If there are obvious abnormalities, we need to adjust the abnormal situation ourselves.



The seven above isChengdu Steel Sheet Pile LeaseThe construction process that Xiaobian shares for everyone needs everyone's attention. If you really encounter problems in actual operation but cannot solve them, you can contact us. We will analyze and give you a better construction method based on our own experience.

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