Don't just pay attention to the price of the weighbridge, you should know more about these problems!

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The weighbridge is no stranger to us. As the main weighing equipment, it is loved and welcomed by factories, mining areas, docks, ports and other places.

The weighbridge is no stranger to us. As the main weighing equipment, it is loved and welcomed by factories, mining areas, docks, ports and other places.

However, when it comes to weighbridge, many people are basically concerned about its price, but in fact, compared with the price, there are still many problems worthy of our attention. Xiao Bian will tell you about the weighbridge.



1. Don't be credulous at low prices and discounts.

Anyone who knows the weighbridge knows that the price of the entire market is about the same. This is mainly because most of the weighbridge is spent on steel, and the price of electronic equipment itself is relatively transparent.

Therefore, if you find that a manufacturer's quotation is much lower than the market price, or there is a discount, then you need to be careful.

2. Weights over 30 tons also need to be the base of the weighbridge.

I don't know that everyone has heard that a weighbridge of more than 30 tons does not need to be the foundation of the weighbridge. This statement is wrong. In order to make money, some unscrupulous businesses racked their brains to find ways to save money, so this statement appeared. They caught many consumers who did not understand this and told them that heavy weighbridges only needed to put a few iron plates on the ground.

If you say that your weighbridge does not do the foundation, what will happen? Generally do not do the foundation, in the future use of the process will certainly appear settlement, thus affecting the weighing of the weighbridge.



3. Site selection has a great impact

When the weighbridge is installed, the location of the installation is very important. If the location is not selected, it will have a great impact on the weighbridge. General weighbridge installation position should have a good drainage channel, the installation position can not be lower than the surrounding. If the site selection of the weighbridge does not meet these conditions, it will cause rain to accumulate water and submerge the weighbridge due to low terrain, thus damaging the sensor.

4. Select the nearest manufacturer

When many people choose a weighbridge, they will search all over the world. In fact, you have done this wrong. You should take a long-term view.

Who dares to say that there is no problem with the weighbridge? When there is a real problem and no one cares about you, you can call it "no" every day, and the ground is not working. In order to avoid this from happening, choosing nearby seems to be a good choice for us.



In a word, Xiao Bian reminds you that you need to understand the weighbridge clearly and don't rush for a while, resulting in successive follow-up problems. If you want to know more about weighbridge knowledge, leave a message in the comment area and the editor will send it in time.

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