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We have a lot of points to pay attention to in the construction of steel frame greenhouses. Let's share the resources with everyone. Let's have a look.

We have a lot of points to pay attention to in the construction of steel frame greenhouses. Let's share the resources with everyone. Let's have a look.




The key structure of steel frame greenhouse is made up of greenhouse vegetable structure. Greenhouse vegetable structure is the framework of all greenhouse vegetables and is a key part of creating greenhouse vegetables. We know that due to the application of different raw materials, the forming process of greenhouse vegetable structure is also different.

The forming method of greenhouse vegetable structure: first fix the frame mold without changing to the top of the mold shelf, place the mold and brush the relevant agent. In one section of the grinding tool, the glass fiber is tied and extended to the other section of the grinding tool, so that the continuous operation process evenly spreads the glass fiber in the grinding tool groove.

Mix the average value of the key raw materials and apply for the appropriate water, detect the PH value, and recuperate to the oxidant level of 7-8. Then pour the raw materials into the grinding tool and start the cooking rod, so that the raw materials can be added in detail to the grinding tool to reduce the bubble in the raw materials. After introducing all the raw materials into the grinding tool, place the grinding tool in the middle of the horizontal boring, and let it dry for a week, then it can be opened.

The characteristics of greenhouse vegetable structure: the raw materials of the structure have a variety of sources. Magnesium oxide is the raw material here. The surface is not wet, has very good moisture resistance and corrosion resistance, and can also reduce diseases.

It is a kind of compound raw material object with good endurance and flexibility. Compared with traditional greenhouse vegetables, it has a longer application period and can fully consider various requirements of greenhouse planting very well. Low cost is one of its major characteristics, the consumption processing technology between each other is simple, and the resulting economic benefits are also very rich and colorful.

On the basis of the basic knowledge of the site, the conclusion is as follows: after planting, the side pile of Jian Peng is planted first, the side distance of the pile is 60-80cm, the top of the pile is 20-40cm, the height-width ratio of the required square pile is contradictory to the vertical bonding of wood or bamboo, the side pile is formed in two rows, the planting after the side pile is fixed and will not change, and the management office green plants are arranged in a row. The pile and the soil form a spacing of 20-40cm and 2-3 meters. The pile top requires a seamless steel pipe frame that cannot be fixed on a solid wood plate or bamboo bridge without changing the expected target of the support point.



Photovoltaic agricultural greenhouse vegetables can not only fully consider the requirements of agricultural and animal husbandry greenhouse vegetables for electromagnetic energy such as temperature control, watering, lighting lamps, etc., but also personally experience solar power generation solar panels of solar power stations with different transmittance of mechanical equipment in greenhouse vegetables, which can solve the lighting requirements of different crops. Can be planted with economic benefits of organic agricultural products, more expensive flowers and plants, green plants, edible fungi, but also for anti-season planting.

Transport device to reduce costs, personally experienced CNC shearing machine, shoulder height, tilt, top height-width ratio, viewing angle can be arbitrarily bent. The consumption rate is higher. According to the span of the main rod, the thickness and diameter of the scaffolding pipe are arbitrary. The surface of the structure is moistened and not easily destroyed.

Classification features: hot-dip galvanized steel pipes are divided into cold-plated pipes and hot-plated pipes. The former one has been advised and the latter one is also recommended for application. The hot-dip galvanized seamless steel pipe is selected to convert the molten metal material polymer material and iron foundation into aluminum profile layer, so that the foundation and coating can be obtained. The hot-dip galvanized seamless steel pipe is selected to terminate pickling and phosphating, which is beneficial to eliminate the compounds on the surface of the toxic seamless steel pipe. After personally experiencing pickling and phosphating, it is sent to the hot-dip plating tank after passing ammonium or zinc chloride or ammonium chloride and zinc chloride mixed solution elimination tank.

Above all, we have the advantages of selecting steel-frame greenhouses and some common problems in their construction. Special favorite basin friends can understand them and warmly welcome to contact our factory if they have any concerns or try their best.

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