How to choose a small forklift economically and effectively

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Small forklift truck is a kind of large, medium and large-sized intelligent high-efficiency construction project machinery and equipment, which is the key to transport and transport comprehensive raw materials such as soil layer level, sand and gravel, coal and carbon. It can be used in stone mines, seaports, capital construction projects * new projects, road construction and other work,

Small forklift truck is a kind of large, medium and large intelligent construction project machinery and equipment with high efficiency, which is the key to transport, load, unload and transport comprehensive raw materials such as soil layer level grade, sand and gravel, coal and carbon. It can be used in stone mines, seaports, capital construction projects * new projects, pavement construction and other work conditions, and is widely used in manufacturers, subway stations, ports, freight stations, warehouses and other work conditions. For small forklift consumers, in order to achieve higher returns and reduce business risks, it is not only necessary to consider the price factor when purchasing a commodity, but also to fully consider it from all walks of life, according to different scope of application and with the standards of "abundance, function" and "getting zui large long-term payables.

The following is a consideration of the matters to be paid attention to when purchasing small forklifts from the perspective of the workload of small forklifts and the working conditions in their work. I hope this article can provide some assistance to consumers of small forklifts when purchasing small forklifts.

1, according to the workload to establish the relative rated voltage of the small forklift.

Small forklift consumers need to buy how much money to carry small forklift and seek zui good economic benefits, it is necessary to adhere to the standard of full-featured and abundant, based on the workload to establish. That is, it cannot be too large or too small. Too large leads to consumption and too small leads to insufficient application.

* First of all, for Rongxin large and small medium mines in the construction work of ground construction projects, due to the large amount of labor, long working cycle time and wide office environment, the loading capacity of the corresponding conveying machinery and equipment will be above 10 tons. At this time, it is reasonable to choose a small forklift truck with a loading capacity of 5 tons or 6 tons, which can improve the work efficiency and reduce the construction cost of construction projects. For example, a 5-ton small forklift truck can meet the requirements. It is worth mentioning here that the newly released 60 gold diggers, with their super-super power and super-large bucket volume, are very functional for medium mines and seaports. It is a new product developed and designed according to the unique sales market. However, for places with relatively small workload, such as backfilling and river sand, goods with a cargo capacity of 3 tons or 4 tons can generally be selected. For places with very small workload, such as some small sand and gravel factories, vehicles for machinery and equipment for public cultural service projects are generally small tractors, and goods with 1.5 tons or less can generally be selected to prevent overcapacity of professional skills in small forklift work, thus achieving high cost performance. This small forklift parts practical level is higher, so the maintenance is also more cost-effective.

2, according to the working conditions in the work to establish the relative driving rate of small forklift

For iron ore with very high relative density, solid backfill or loose materials with low relative density, such as soil layer level, coke, etc., because the working conditions are different in their work, the selection of small forklifts is very different.

For this kind of strong backfill, iron ore and other very high relative density of raw materials, because of the driving force (insertion force) is higher, should choose the work speed is low, stubborn force and driving force are very large commodity for all normal application. Generally, small forklifts use extended windows with reasonable layout of long wheelbase, stable body structure, stubborn lifting force and collapse load. At this stage, zui is the demand of the competitive market in the same industry, which is about one ton larger than that of ordinary manufacturers. It is very suitable for hard earth and stone engineering work.

Due to the loose raw materials on the small forklift driving force (insertion force) is not high, can select the driving problem of higher goods to obtain higher work efficiency. For bulk food cooked vegetable raw materials, this model is faster and faster, and is your multi-level selection of the situation in the work.

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