Some cases of horizontal directional drilling and the application of pipe laying technology in drainage pipe construction!

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The leveling drilling rig is a kind of construction machinery and equipment that lays all kinds of underground pipelines, cables and other public facilities without formwork supporting the surface layer. The following are some examples of directional drilling for everyone to share resources. Follow in my footsteps. Look!

The leveling drilling rig is a kind of construction machinery and equipment that lays all kinds of underground pipelines, cables and other public facilities without formwork supporting the surface layer. The following are some examples of directional drilling for everyone to share resources. Follow in my footsteps. Look!
Construction site survey of raw materials:
Our enterprise has carried out on-site investigation on the construction site. The construction site is located in the mountainous area of Longde County. There is no entrance road for cultural relics and historic sites and burial sites with large and small industrial equipment to solve the current geomorphology and geological structure. Geomorphology is full of silty clay, mudstone, Shi Ying sandstone and limestone (with gravel).
Overview of key contents of directional drilling construction example project:
Longde County Urban Power Supply and Distribution System Project (Phase I) The new infrastructure project of Longde County Town-* * * Natural Mountain Spring Section Connection Project is the management system office of Longde County Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Project Construction Project Water and Soil Conservation Construction Project. The specific addresses of the construction project are Chengguan Town and Haoshui Town in Longde County. The pipeline is collected at 25,410 places (Shangdujia Village, upstream of the Daxigou flood control project). The original pipeline water position is used for self-pressure test. The pipeline is laid along the concrete street on the left bank of the Daxigou channel. The pipeline crosses Daxigou to the east of Shibalipu Village 0.3 kilometers from the upper, middle and lower reaches of the Daxigou flood control project, and then crosses Qinglan Expressway, 312 Provincial Highway, Yuhe and Yuhe and Industrial Zone and passes through Qianghe and passes through Jiashan at P, after that, it will be laid along the right bank of the stone ditch,. After the connection good water town people drink project has built a horizontal flow grit chamber. In the coastal area, a water diversion port is set at the upstream cross section of the Sanxing Flood Control Project, and a branch connecting pipeline of the Sanxing Flood Control Project is laid. Lu jiashan passes through the project with a total length of 1580.00m and a pipeline specification of D426 mm * 10mm. it passes through the pipeline. The large buried depth is 153.00m. The slope ratio of the drilling point is 1:2000.
Shaanxi Province Directional Drilling Construction Example 1. Five Difficulty Coefficients of On-the-spot Construction
1. Geological structure: mudstone sandstone
2. Construction of domestic water: construction of sewage treatment plant three kilometers away,
3. New Road: The new road is difficult and dangerous, with big slopes and deep ditches,
4, climate conditions: continuous rain, resulting in muddy ground
5, guidance provisions precision machinery and equipment production and processing 1/200
Directional Drilling Construction Example 2. Construction Key Manipulation
1. Effectively configure industrial equipment and industrial equipment, carry out maintenance on the drilling rig before entering the site, disassemble and assemble the prefabricated parts of spare parts and components, carry out inspection on the drilling rig machinery and equipment, eliminate the inside of the drilling rig machinery and equipment, carry out maintenance on the liquid slurry pump, enter the site after irrigation test, configure the construction geological structure, apply 637 cone drill bit, configure mixed mortar acquisition system software, and reduce water demand, configure the large and small mixed mortar mixing system software to improve the mixing time of mixed mortar and the Penghua rate. After the construction starts, the fixed personnel, fixed posts and fixed staffing will be implemented for 24 hours of continuous construction.



2. Guided construction: 100 the development direction of the drilling point and the drilling point to 200 square meters of electromagnetic field distribution, and distribute as many electromagnetic fields as possible above the pipe positions entering and leaving the drilling point 2. Distribute large electromagnetic fields to enhance correction opportunities and construction precision.
3. According to the transformation of geological structure of sand, mudstone and Shi Ying sandstone, adjust mixed mortar * * * *, adjust preservative * * * * at any time and anywhere, carry out water body improvement when indispensable, and fully master the three major functions of mixed mortar, anchor support, belt, moistening and other effects.
As a key branch of professional skills for new projects of trenchless pipe jacking construction, horizontal fixed-item drilling rig pipe laying and drawing is the application of new construction technology for new projects of trenchless pipe jacking construction at the present stage, which is a moderate integration of survey professional skills and control professional skills. In recent years, it has been applied to the construction of water supply and drainage pipelines in construction projects. With the improvement of the level of guiding precision and the improvement of the professional skills of construction industrial equipment technology, the professional skills of pipe running have changed from the early specifications, short separation and single seamless steel pipe to the laying of large-diameter, long-distance and various pipe fittings, which have become the key to the development of the new project industry of trenchless pipe jacking construction, and the professional skills have gradually increased.
1. Professional skill characteristics
(1) the use of a wide range of coverage, the use of strong characteristics. It is suitable for selection under soil conditions such as clay, sandy soil and gravel soil. Seamless steel pipe or cast iron drainage pipe with steel wire hose (PVC, PE, etc.) can be laid. The pipe diameter is between DN40 and DN2000, and the pipe length of large and small drilling rigs can be above 100m.
(2) Rig layout is reasonable and convenient. The whole process of drilling can be carried out in the middle of the pre-dug message warning pit and receiving pit, or in the place where the drilling rig is installed, it can be drilled immediately from the soil stratification level with a small angle of view.
(3) the construction of industrial equipment through the production and processing of precision machinery and equipment, can fully consider the pipeline elevation control regulations
(4) The whole process of construction shall not cause noise, smoke and dust, and shall not damage the geological structure and geological structure. All kinds of regulations on ecological protection, ecological environmental protection and green ecological environmental protection shall be fully considered.
(5) Industrial equipment into the scene to control costs, for the site specification is not high, the construction speed is faster.
(6) It is suitable for pipeline construction in areas such as expressways that do not allow formwork support or complicated pipelines, especially in * * * * new projects that cross rivers to highlight its distinctive advantages.
2. Construction and processing technology
(1) Initial preparations
Grasp the geomorphological standards within the scope of pipeline crossing, the current entry and burial depth of underground pipelines, integrate the design scheme to stipulate the overall planning of drilling movement trajectory, and select the construction plan (mainly selecting the drilling rig, establishing the perspective of the level of soil layer entering and leaving, opening equal ratio series and passing through pipe fittings, etc.).
(2) Directed drilling
Under the torque effect of the drilling rig, the fixed-term twist drill bit is rotated by the drilling rig control board (or the twist drill bit is rotated by the mixed mortar motor) to drill the geological structure. The drilling movement track is forward according to the design scheme, and the drilling of all guiding holes is carried out during the drilling work. After the data signal from the data signal rod in the twist drill bit is accepted and solved, display the information of each field, position, angle of view and other information content of the twist drill, and then immediately adjust the orientation of the twist drill, and the guiding hole data map is in line with the design plan.
(3) Grade division opening
After the guided hole construction, the hole shall be expanded to the appropriate diameter by level division. In addition, the drilling fluid is pumped into the hole, the hole is detailed and does not collapse, and the soil chips under the drilling are returned to the road surface to create a suitable geological structure for the pull-back pipeline.
(4) Pull-back pipe
When the hole is opened, the pipeline to be laid shall be immediately connected with the back zipper zipper head, the opening head and the drilling rig equipment, and the pipeline shall be pulled into the expanded hole by the drilling rig traction belt to lay the pipeline.
The professional skill of fixed-item drilling rig is an excellent professional skill in the development direction of the oil drilling industry. It is a construction and processing technology for the laying of multiple pipelines such as power supply and distribution system, lng natural gas, gas, waste water, and optical fiber broadband cable lines in China under the conditions that the soil stratification level is not cut and the formation structure is not very damaged. The fixed-term drilling rig is mainly used for a wide range of purposes. It can use the hole bottom motor or bending strain drilling rig machinery and equipment to push the twist drill bit to rotate into the hole, and can also carry out construction in hard rock or river pebble layer.

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