Wall hanging furnace manufacturers: for you to introduce the wall hanging furnace

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2022/05/25 10:15

Wall-mounted boiler is the abbreviation of gas boiler, full name is gas wall-mounted heating furnace. It is a natural gas water heater with various safety protection measures, such as dry burning protection, antifreeze protection, high temperature protection, accidental flameout protection, pump stuck protection, etc. Wall hanging boiler is the key to energy saving. Energy-saving boilers can save you a lot of subsequent costs. First, national energy efficiency marks are necessary. Of course, the higher the energy efficiency, the better, but the state stipulates the maximum level. Secondly, the import of larger emissions. Due to the different mixing ratio of natural gas in various regions, the economic conditions of residents are also different. When the wall-mounted boiler is in normal operation, the gas and fresh air are mixed and burned in proportion, and the full-combustion wall-mounted boiler has high efficiency and low pollution index. The above is the wall-mounted boiler information provided by Guangdong Shunde burning special thermal energy technology co., ltd.

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