Not allowed! Mountain quarrying in the name of ecological restoration project construction and cement production

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Green machinery in the sand and gravel vibrating screen production and manufacturing process has always adhered to the concept of green production, always concerned about the sand aggregate industry dynamics.

On the morning of April 29, Wang Dengxi, mayor of Xinxiang municipal government in Henan Province, presided over the 64th executive meeting of the municipal government. Wang Tianxing, vice mayor, conveyed the spirit of the promotion meeting for the renovation of open-pit mines in Henan Province and put forward suggestions for implementation.



The meeting analyzed and judged the situation and existing problems faced by the mine management and rectification work in the northern part of Xinxiang City, and put forward the key points for the next step.

Wang Dengxi pointed out that the renovation of open-pit mines in Xinxiang City should continue to be the top priority.



One is to enhance the political position, strengthen the responsibility. Resolutely implement... The spirit of the important instructions of the General Secretary on mine management during his inspection and research in Guangxi, and earnestly implement the Henan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government's decision-making and deployment of high-quality development of ecological protection and the requirements of Liu Yujiang, vice governor of open-pit mine comprehensive improvement work.

The second is to take multiple measures to consolidate the effectiveness of the rectification. According to the "1542" overall work plan, quantitative mining should be carried out for licensed mines, mining behavior should be further standardized, and cross-border and cross-layer mining is strictly prohibited. It is strictly prohibited to open mountains and quarry in the name of ecological restoration project construction and cement production. It is necessary to speed up the progress of the management of the remaining unrepaired areas of the "three areas and two lines" responsible for the loss of the main body, intensify the management and protection of the repaired areas ", strive to achieve better ecological restoration effects; further improve the effectiveness of supervision, strengthen strict prevention at the source, strict management of the process, and severe punishment of the consequences, and resolutely crack down on all kinds of illegal mining and indiscriminate mining.

The third is to conscientiously do a good job in the rectification of the reports of the masses assigned by the ecological and environmental protection inspectors. It is necessary to strictly implement the working mechanism of "double assigned, double verified, three supervised and five clear" in Henan Province, and timely check, identify and reply to the problems assigned by the supervision team.

The fourth is to draw inferences from one another and establish a normal and long-term working system and system for the renovation of open-pit mines. Speed up legislation, so that there are laws to follow and laws must be followed.

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